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Does your business feel like it talking you on ride like this at times?





Join us in September when

NAPO-GMNH welcomes

Charlene DeCesare


of Charlene Ignites LLC,

who will present

Surviving the Ups and Downs

of Building a Dream



 We can’t wait to see you and please feel free to bring a friend




Date & Time: Tuesday, September 20th, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Location:       Please note our new meeting location,

                      Great Buffet Restaurant

                      1525 South Willow St,

                      Manchester NH, 03103         

                      Click here for Directions

                      Visitor Fee: $15.00






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    Charlene says that building a business, like working towards any big dream, is a roller coaster ride.
    At any given moment it can go from,
    "This is awesome! I’m brilliant! Ain’t life grand?" to
    "This is awful. I suck.  Why is everyone sucking the life out of me?!"
    During this session, Charlene DeCesare of Charlene Ignites shares her tips, tricks and strategies to navigating the ups and downs – both internally and externally.
    So come join us for what is sure to be an awesome meeting packed with oodles of valuable information
    and check out her website



    Our meeting are open to anyone interested in attending.




    Our meetings are open to anyone interested in attending.



    We look forward to seeing you!


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